Libertine – London Review


Ever wondered where the most boujie crowds go and how you can be apart of their world? We searched the world and found Libertine, London.

Run by the Chinawhite group, Libertine delivers nothing but elegance, high energy, and unique experiences. You’re likely to see artists perform and hang around Libertine as Chinawhite has made strong bonds with people like Drake, Rihanna, Leo DiCaprio, Ciara, Future, Swaelee, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner.











10:30pm - 3am

10:30pm - 3am

10:30pm - 3am

10pm - 3am

10:30pm - 3am

To get into Libertine, you need to be somebody or act like you are. It would be in your best interest to get a guest list before you arrive here, get there early, or make friends with someone on the inside. They are strict with ID and dress code – they say they aren’t on their website, but you are not getting in with flip-flops.

With that being said, Ladies, this is the best place to wear that fancy designer dress you’ve been wanting to stunt around in with those heels you only pull out on special occasions. You’re going to want to hit classy diva status here and dress to the 9’s. Gents – London lingo – are going to want to look nothing short of James Bond. Pull out your collard shirts, dress shoes, and wear your favorite aftershave because this is where you’re going to be able to flex. Robert Pattinson is a perfect example of what you want to look like when he is dressed up – simply yummy.

Libertine is open Wednesday-Sunday and their hours are 10:30-3am. They open a half an hour early on Saturday, and it is one of the biggest clubs in London. You’re going to want to get here early to make sure you can get in with less hassle. The doormen are tough, but manageable if you look like Kate Moss and Johnny Depp. Cover charge changes from “10-20” euros depending on the time, and capacity of the club. BE prepared for that number to increase.

The atmosphere screams money, and people of that attitude. You’re bound to find a gem, but don’t be hurt if someone ignores you – this is the place where a lot of people wear a facade.

All in all, this is an exciting place to go and should be on everyone’s list for clubs to see in London. They will defs be seeing the Nokturnal Group shutting it down.


They play a mix oh hip-hop and top 40 to keep it cultured and going all night. 


The drinks here are very expensive and same with the bottle service. 


Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.


Booths and VIP are ideal if you’re hanging with a crowd because you’ll have your own space and probably end up saving money. Plus, it’s London, ball a little for yourself!