Wildflower Toronto Club Review

Wildflower Toronto Club Review

Those small clubs that make you feel at home, but also get you fired up are usually hidden gems in every city. One of Toronto’s hidden gem has claimed its territory on Sunday’s. The day you think about going out on but never know where to go, and now you do.

Getting to this venue is exciting if you like streetcars and fancy looking hotels. 












10pm - 3am

10pm - 3am

10pm - 3am

10pm - 3am

Wildflower is in is the film area of Toronto, so it’s always an interesting mix of people hanging around. Luxury vehicles parked out front, rooftop lounge inside the hotel, and another bar in the lobby make it packed and energetic.

Wildflower is underground, right beside The Thompson hotel, and its cozy environment makes it very unique. The vibe of Wildflower is great, and you can dress up, or you can wear fashionable streetwear. Depends on how you’re feeling, but either way, you’ll fit in because when you look good, you feel good and you dance good.

If you’re looking for a place to vibe out on a Sunday, Wildflower is the place to be. Now, everyone knows if a place can be poppin on a Sunday, it must be hella lit on the weekends. Guess what? Wildflower is.

Weekends are exceptionally exciting as they have dancers, great DJ’s and hardworking staff that make the experience a memorable one.

The price for everything is fair, especially for Toronto. Roughly $8-14 a drink, and it draws a mature crowd. It’s easier to get in with a guest list, but if you’re a woman who knows how to talk their way into the club then you shouldn’t have a problem or be faced with a cover. The cover depends on the night but the average is $15-25.

Wildflower has an Instagram that is consistently updated with photos and events, so you’ll know who is appearing, performing or djing. Along with that, the music varies every night.

It’s not one of those clubs you walk into and wonder why you’re there but rather when you walk in you’re excited to be apart of the nice decor, and atmosphere.

Sunday night, we’re at wildflower. Weekends, we’re probably still at wildflower.


The music varies per night, but Sunday’s are usually top 40 and a hip hop mix.


The price for everything is fair, especially for Toronto.


If you’re looking for a place to vibe out on a Sunday, the wildflower is the place to be