Up & Down – NYC Review

Up & Down Review

Ready for an experience that you see on TV, or everyone’s insta stories and you’re like, “damn, that looks like a movie”? PERF because we have the spot that is going to blow your mind: Up & Down, New York City.

Where do celebs go to party, where can I go if I have a lot of money and want a guaranteed dope night? You go to the Butter Group’s, Up & Down(side note: the butter group is the 1OAK brand).


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Up & Down is a hip-hop, beautiful decorated 2-floor club that thrives. The door here is not afraid to see you put your money where your mouth is so you can expect $40+ cover charges if you’re a man, but entry is free for women – this is a place you’re going to want to know a promoter at. With or without a headliner at the club, it gets busy and it is better to show up earlier than later to make sure you can get into this place, you don’t want to miss it.

The vibes here are absolutely electric. You will see famous Instagrammers, celebrities and fashion icons displaying their iconic outfits. This is a place where you want to dress up, look sharp and not slack. Celebrities even have their album release parties here, and sometimes – sometimes – the bouncers will honor the tickets and let you in.

Depending on your budget and where your wallet is at, bottle service is a great option to get away from the scene, and next to the models that will most likely be here. Mr.Nokturnal has partied beside Teyana Taylor and shot his shot with a Victoria Secret model. With all of this being said, the drinks are on the pricey side with an average of $20 for a mixed drink.

On the weekends, Up & Down opens the bottom floor which has a different atmosphere altogether. When you want to get away from the club up top, you can go downstairs and find yourself in a much more chill, conversational room. The age demographic here is 30 and under ranging from wall street brokers, to Busta Rhymes buying a whole corner of the club for himself and his crew.

The behavior here is well handled – when you’re spending all that money, it means good behavior to remain inside the club, no one wants to be kicked out. If you’re looking for an iconic spot, and iconic photos to flex, they have 2 beautiful staircases as well as a polaroid wall for your aesthetic pleasure. The ratio here is 60:40 in favor of women, bringing in a good crowd that is making real moves in real life.

Did I mention Up & Down has hosted the exclusive Met Gala after party in the previous years? Yeah, this place will be seeing the Nockturnal Group as often as celebs show up – every week.


Top 40.


The drinks are on the pricey side with an average of $20 for a mixed drink.




Pricey but worth it.