Grand Bizarre- Toronto Review

Grand Bizarre

Wanting to hit multiple spots in Toronto but not really feeling like mapping it all out? You know us, we only come with solutions and ideas for you so here’s one: Grand Bizarre.

Grand Bizarre is a very interesting, unique social dining experience. This venue is huge and beautiful. The decor here is cozy but also upscale with a hint of modern all in one. If you’re about your Instagram, they have an aesthetically pleasing wall to get photos in front of.














9pm - 2am


The only day you’re able to go here is Saturday between 9pm-2am. They did this because they want the crowd to be able to indulge in a wide variety of creations created by world-class chefs who will bring new ideas each and every week. It is a place to truly explore a bunch of things in one, which makes it perfect for a girl’s night out, date, your favorite friend group or even family members.

The interesting thing about this place is in order to purchase the food, you will first need to buy “chips,” like in the casino. We recommend getting less than anticipated because they’re non-refundable and you can always add more if you run out. The only shitty thing about the chips is you have to pay tax on them, and no one likes paying tax. But, drinks average out to about $12 or so which isn’t bad for Toronto prices – which you purchase with cash, not their “bizarre chips.”

You want to look nice here as it is a rooftop that is beautifully decorated, and picture worthy. They also have a dress code, which consists of no athletic wear, flip-flops or outfits like that. Think, “if I was a subtle fashion model, what would I wear?” and you’ll nail the dress code. The music and DJ’s here are average, mixing top 40 and whatever is hot at the moment, but nothing special.

The staff is really friendly, and some nights they even host events here, and you’re able to keep up with that on their Instagram, Facebook page or website. Sometimes they even have performances throughout the night like salsa dancing and art pieces for example.

The ratio always changes up in this place and is difficult to keep track of as it is a huge venue, and more group orientated. Sometimes you can have a group of 10 men and 2 women come together, or vice versa. People are friendly and open, but most stick to their friends and comfort zones. The average age is roughly 24-34, but anyone can come and fit in as its a new experience every week.

Grand Bizarre, is cool. A nice spot to hang out and go if you’re new to Toronto, here for the weekend and have some time to kill, or just want to go there with a large group. We’ll be back.


Top 40


Drinks average out to about $12 or so which isn’t bad for Toronto prices – which you purchase with cash, not their “bizarre chips.”