The Abbey – Los Angeles Review

The Abbey

Hoping for a little more color this week when you head out? Look no further than The Abbey where you’ll see parents with baby strollers coming from the park next door and guys in tank tops after a workout then around 9 p.m., dancers — both guys and girls — come out. Yes, very colorful indeed.

The Abbey is home to a lot of history with the core philosophy that everyone belongs. They are considered one of the best gay bars in Los Angeles and have been since the ’90s.









11am - 2am

11am - 2am

11am - 2am

11am - 2am

10am - 2am

9am - 2am

9am - 2am

Going to The Abbey is just a fun night out for everyone. Each day has something special going on but that best day to go is Sunday Funday when locals start showing up for brunch. By mid-afternoon, there’s such a long line up that it makes you check your calendar thinking it could be a Saturday.

The Abbey is the go-to place on the Sunset Strip, If you’re are into brunch or late bar dinner. They serve decent food and good drinks. Drinks are an average of $12-16, and bottle service can be bought. The cover is roughly $10-20 depending on how busy it is, and how long the line up is.

They have a very nice and large patio outside, giving you time to go out and get some fresh(smoggy) air. LA is home to a big LGBTQ+ community and this place not only brings that crowd, but also others just curious to see the great place that is the Abbey.

The dress code is casual wear, giving the extra vibe of comfort. Simple t-shirt and jeans will do, but nothing baggy or sporty.

Overall, if this place sounds like you, you’ll love it! We support the movement and what they’re accomplishing!




Drinks are an average of $12-16.




Bottle service can be bought.