Theory – Dallas Review


In Theory, this club had given us high hopes. We heard a lot about it and decided it was time to check out what the “hype” was about.

Upon arriving, there was a line that took 30 minutes to get in and wow, no one likes those. If you want to avoid it, show up early around 10pm. It closes at 2am which is typical of Dallas club, and through the grapevine, we heard that the Cowboy’s really like this place.











10pm - 2am


10pm - 2am

10pm - 2am

10:30pm - 2am

The doorman was strict, but a great doorman none the less, and women and guestlist/VIP’s come first – as the should. The line was hectic and not well organized. 

Inside, however, had an amazing vibe even though the ratio was about 60:40 in favor of men.  There were girls dancing on top of the sears and the VIP section looked amazing – definitely a place you want bottle service. 

The average age was roughly 21-28 with a mixed crowd of a lot of people, the club filled up quite nicely but hard to dance in if you’re not creative. It built like a stadium inside which is pleasing to the eye and explains why the Cowboys like it so much. 

People here were attractive, and the men didn’t seem too creepy – always a bonus. It’s a good place to pick up someone up, but show up early! The music played here is hip-hop and the crowd was okay with it, it was a good night but with a better DJ who controlled the crowd, it would’ve been 10/10 instead of 7/10, na mean?

Dress code is to look nice, okay. No lame threads, they want to see collard shirts, and ladies in heels and a cute dress. No flip-flops ladies for the love of God. The bouncers understand if you’re not from Dallas and will let you in, but how many people in t-shirts can they really allow? Best to dress to impress, and enjoy the night worry-free.

Drinks are decently priced, but bottles will enhance this experience by 85%. Coming here with a group of friends will be your best bet, it isn’t a date place. 

Verdict = Theory was worth the hype. 




Drinks are decently priced, but bottles will enhance this experience by 85%.