Magic Hour – NYC Review

Magic Hour

Magic Hour

Ready to find a little bit of a wonderland within the big apple? Head over to Magic Hour for these vibes and you won’t be disappointed.

At the top of the Moxy hotel, the Magic Hour is decorated with very adorable pink bunnies and green walls. Additionally to this, they have different sections inside this rooftop bar/lounge with different vibes. If you’re wanting to get a view of the Empire State Building, one section here was exactly that.









4pm - 12am

4pm - 12am

4pm - 12am

4pm - 12am

2pm - 4am

10:30am - 4am

10:30am - 12am

The overall atmosphere is more on the social side and meeting new people here is easy. People, as well as the overall vibe, are open and nice. 
This spot is very Instagram worthy, and if you need to get the right photo, don’t worry, many other grammers are here doing the same thing. Hit those angles sis. With that being said, ladies wear a mix of dressy chic and stylish here. Guys dressed in easy, stylish clothing. Everyone seemed to be vibing in some fresh outfits.
What sets this place apart if their carousel seating. It turns slowly while you sit and drink, giving you 360 views of the entire place. Their rooftop is open all year-round but shines in the summer – as does the sun in New York City. They’re quite busy every day of the week, including their happy hours and specially packed on weekends. You’re going to want to know someone here or get on the list. If you don’t know anyone and you’re just visiting for the weekend, anticipate the line and try to get down there early! It’s worth the wait. 
Drinks here are about $20 a drink, but you’re sipping quality. They play a mix of EDM and Hip-Hop, and with a vibe like this, it’s hard to not say yes and keep the drinks rolling. Inside their big venue, they offer a mix of food, mini-golf, a carousel, and again, a very Instagram worthy aesthetic. 

You can bet your sweet ass Magic Hour will be seeing Mr.Nokturnal again.


They play a mix of EDM and Hip-Hop.


Drinks here are about $20 a drink, but you’re sipping quality.