Le Bain – NYC Review

Le Bain

Breathing taking views, millennial crowd, and a pool? Yeah, that’s our type. If that sounds like you, too, then give Le Bain a shot for the night.

Le Bain is easily one of the nicest rooftops in NYC. Open during the day, and the evenings, you’re bound to receive some vibrancy from the airy and positive atmosphere. Our suggestion: get there early, because there are always lines on the weekend. The doors get harder as the night goes on! “Split up if you’re a group of guys, and be early” – Mr.Nokturnal himself.









4pm - 12am

4pm - 4am

4pm - 4am

4pm - 4am

2pm - 4am

2pm - 3am

4pm - 12am

When walking in, there is a mandatory coat check, so don’t be adding that into your outfit as it will have to be removed. The dress code is more chic causal, so ladies, wear an adorable new outfit you’ve been wanting to be seen in public. And as for the gentlemen, you can’t go wrong with a button-up. Don’t get too casual, because then your entry is up to the doorman’s desecration.

The decorations are incredibly beautiful and go along with the trendy crowd it attracts. On the patio, they have an artificial turf with lounge chairs you can sit and relax in. Along with that, the pool as mentioned before is actually open. You are able to sit along or take a dip in the pool, which earns massive brownie points. Forgot your bathing suit? Don’t worry, they have a vending machine that sells them for $80.

You can get bottle service here, but if you’re not with a big group or a special event, then it doesn’t really need to happen. The drinks are around $20 for a cocktail which shouldn’t be surprising anymore considering this is NYC and an amazing spot.

The overall atmosphere is a more intimate light setting, with a good ratio of 60:40 in favor of women. The men here are more classy, and the staff does a very good job making sure it stays that way. The 2-floor club also has some party nights which would be amazing, and you should get to know a promoter at this spot to make sure you can always get in with ease.

You can catch us here, vibin’ all summer 19.