Lavo – NYC Review

Lavo nightclub

If you’ve heard of the Tao group before, you understand the reputation they hold. If you haven’t, just check out Lavo and you’ll understand – and be even more impressed.

Visually impressive and stunning, Lavo delivers a night out you will never, ever forget – no matter how drunk you get. Lavo is a fairly large venue that doubles as a restaurant with a wicked Sunday brunch party, including mimosas. During the winters, they offer coat check, so please, don’t freeze yourself to look hot, just check your coat.









11:30am - 11pm

11:30am - 12am

11:30am - 12am

11:30am - 1am

11:30am - 12am

2pm - 4pm

7:30am - 1am

11:30am - 1am

This isn’t the easiest place to get into. It’s honestly a little difficult if you’re not a tall, skinny and beautiful model. However, nothing is impossible. Your best bet is to find a promoter for the best experience possible, but if that isn’t available to you then just dress to impress and hop the doormen are stunned by your beauty and let you in. If your a guy its gonna be slightly harder even with a promoter.(they will probably throw numbers at you to get in) but the cover is always $40+. On Sundays or other big nights expect something closer to $100 based on the doorman’s discretion.

Lavo is a rather upscale place, with intimate lighting and loud music, which makes it not ideal for catching up with friends, or real conversations. They do offer bottle service if you want a more secluded area in the club and considering drinks are average $20 a cocktail, and $20 a shot, you might as well get one to enhance the experience. Don’t be surprised to see people balling all out here, $10,000 on bottles is nothing for Diddy’s son – which we saw here on a few occasions.

The dress code, as briefly mentioned, is all the latest trends. Women in high heels, tight dresses, and their best clutches while men looked fresh in their collard shirts, and blazers.
To keep up to date on Lavo, check out their social media, and website. Some nights you’re able to buy tickets which ensures you get into the club – but still, show up early. You don’t wanna get caught sleeping on this place.

You already know Lavo will be seeing The Nocturnal Group again.




 Drinks are average $20 a cocktail, and $20 a shot.




They do offer bottle service if you want a more secluded area in the club.