EFS Social Club – Toronto Review

EFS Social Club Review

Canada’s New York knows how to party like it’s big brother, and to prove it, Toronto’s own EFS shows the city wt* is up. 

EFS is located on King West where all the action is happening, making it easily accessible by public transit, uber, cab, or however else you would like to get there. 











10pm - 3am

10pm - 3am

10pm - 3am

10pm - 3am


EFS is the kind of club that The Weeknd might show up to for a good time, and is a favorite of the  Raptors who have been seen there on multiple occassions. Our best advice for this place is to come in your best outfit, get a guest list, or know someone because it’s a bitch to get into this door. You basically have to be Drake, an employee or a very, very attractive person with a lot of extra pocket change. 

By keeping the door strict, the ratio is usually in favor of women,  and their “ladies free before 11:30pm” rule ensures all the babes show up prepared to snatch up a new boyfriend.

With that being said, it’s the city’s “hype” club so naturally people like to mingle here, but it isn’t the most open crowd. A lot of partiers go to EFS mainly to get videos for their social media. You will see a lot of people on their phones at this club but that’s alright, you 

don’t have to be one of them. Also, the lighting isn’t that great, so get your flashes ready to snag an outfit photo outside the club before entering.

The dance floor is in the center with booths surrounding it, making it a little tougher for the ladies to walk through with the bottles. If you’re on the dance floor you are constantly interrupted and have to shuffle.

EFS is one of the few clubs that has extended hours on the weekends, making it lit until 4am. To have the best time here, aim to come for about 1:30am just before all the other clubs shut down, and it becomes the true time for this club to shine.

The venue is small, making it more intimate, and sometimes hard to get through the crowd. Coming here with a big group may be tedious, but with couple of single friends would be perfect. Single because wellllll, everyone who comes here is attractive.

Ladies, that sexy outfit you’ve been wearing in the house and wanting to showcase, this is the perfect place for you. Fellas, this is the spot you could find your new baby mama, so dress like it – we want to see you at your best.

In conclusion, EFS is a great late night club to end the night, get some pictures, listen to the best hip-hop music, and feel the energy of Toronto in.

They will be seeing the Nokturnal Group again.


It’s a 21+ nightclub with R&B, hip-hop and top 40 tracks spinning all night. The other days are just as good, spinning hip-hop mixes and bringing an electric crowd in each time.


Bottles at this place are a must, in the opinion of Mr.Nokturnal. It’ll enhance this experience, and price ranges from $500-$1,000 minimum but ensures 3 complimentary admissions per bottle. 


Open Wednesday-Saturday, each day has its own rules and different crowds. The best night to hit up EFS is Saturday night if you’re looking for a more mature crowd. 


Drinks here are a high price, but that’s just Toronto. 2 shots of Tequila here costs about $30 on average.