Juliet Club – Toronto Review

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As we all are big fans of love – or lust – we want to go somewhere we can feel that. Toronto’s juliet promotes romance, and honestly, you can feel the love.

juilet’s theme is based on Romeo and Juliet, and they want you to know. All about the romance and up’s and down’s that come with it, juliet is open Thursday-Sunday with different themes each weekend.












10pm - 3am

10pm - 3am

10pm - 3am

10pm - 3am

At juliet, they like to vary the music according to the day. For example, Thursday is Hip-Hop, Raggae, Trap, and R&B(bias, that’s what we like), then Sundays it’s Hip-Hop and mashups with ladies from before midnight.

This venue is the spot you want to go to on a Thursday and because they’re packed on Thursday, naturally they’re busy during a weekend night. To get a full vibe of juliet, you might as well just take a long weekend of partying and going Thursday-Sunday to grasp what they’re about. But if thats not you, then a weekend/Thursday night will do.

Sometimes they have exotic dancers in cages, burlesque dancers on stage, and is very, very geared towards a femae audience. Their entire instagram is full of pictures of pretty women, and thats exactly what they attract.

Lots of weekends are extended hours, but double check as the days vary. This is a spot you want to show up to around 11-11:30pm, which is the time things tend to get spicy. The door is a little hard to work so be ready to buy a table to get in, or know somebody prior. The cover is around $20-40, and women are free before certian hours but always make sure to double check their Instrgram.

juliet is mostly a hip-hop spot that spins mixes, latin music, and top 40. Somedays you can walk into the trap house, and other you feel like you walked into a prom day.

Bottles are always a great choice as they enhance each experience, and gives you privacy. Drinks here are expensive, and you’re looking at $20-30 for a couple drinks. If you’re going out with the squad, it’s a great idea to pool money together and just get a table and you’ll probably save money, and be able to flex just a little harder.

Wearing your cutest little dress with those brand new high heels is a great idea for this club, as is wearing trendy outfits such as black n-necks, jeans, and nice shirts – guys, that piece of advice is for you.

Will we be back? Yes, we enjoyed it. Let us know how you feel after you try it out.


Music was a mix of old and new top charted hip-hop records and kept the vibe of the club chill.


Drinks are reasonably priced.




If you want to buy bottles, Tuesday is a good day if it’s a special occasion, or else waiting for the weekend would be the best choice.