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If you don’t know where to start your night, this place is it. By day, Lavelle is your typical rooftop restaurant offering Japanese or Brazilian cuisine, and by night (10:30pm) transitions to one of the most coveted spots for nightlife. Offering an easy transition from a dinner with friends to a night out is easy when you start here.

Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays

At Lavelle, expect the music to be mainly R&B and Hip-Hop with some House mixes in between. The club has more recently transitioned to now being more of a Hip-Hop venue. Expect the music to be louder towards the back booth style area of the club, the front of the bar tends to be on the quieter side if needed.

Drinks start from $6-$7 and shots $8-$10, with bottle service ranging from $300-$750. Tables and birthday packages range from $600-$1,000.

Fashion forward (casual or sophisticated)
Men’s side bags typically not allowed

NoKturnal Knowledge

Bouncers can be picky with entry, so be sure to come prepared. Coat check is $3-$5 depending on the season. While not everyone will want to start their night here it is crucial to keep in mind this spot closes at 2am and it is recommended to arrive between 10:30-11pm.

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