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Harrah’s has a pool party called “after dark,” so naturally, Mr.Nokturnal went to check it out. This party goes from 10pm-4am. It boasters a massive pool in the middle. This multi level club has a spacious first floor lined with cabanas, trees, and hot tubs. The second floor offers that looks over the first floor and access to the rooftop. They have introduced a dinner party called “vibe dinning” which is an amazing experience.

Wednesdays not open yet.

“Proper Attire Required. Dress to Impress.
The Pool After Dark strictly prohibits the following attire for entry:
No athletic gear or sports attire, no slides
No hats or head gear (accommodations may be made for religious head covering or dress)
No sunglasses
No exposed chains or oversized jewelry
No Outerwear – No leather jackets, no denim jackets, no colors, no hooded attire of any kind permitted
No baggy or loose / oversized fitting clothing
No plain white T-shirts or muscle tees
No offensive prints on clothing
No Uggs, Timberlands, work boots or steel-toe boots
Fitted jeans and sneakers are allowed*
Guests are NOT PERMITTED to enter The Pool After Dark wearing swimwear.
No see-through bathing suits are permitted.
Guests may not use the spas or pool fully clothed.
*Failure to adhere to the dress code policy listed above may result in denial of entry.

*Coat check is located at the Bell Desk next to the Front Desk at Harrah’s Resort

*Smoking, including the use of Electronic Cigarettes, is not allowed inside of The Pool & Pool After Dark.

*The Outside Deck, located on the second floor, is available for smoking.”

NoKturnal Knowledge

SWIMMING is NOT permitted during Vibe Dining or nightlife at this time

This is probably the most diverse club in Atlantic City and seemed to be a popular place for bachelorette/bachelor parties which always bring a lighter, more fun atmosphere to any club

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