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This is a great spot for any birthday or celebratory gathering, or just a good time in a great space. With great bar service and an even better experience if you’re able to get a booth this is a great place to hit on a night out.

Fifth Social

Music tends to be a lot of Top 40 and some big room house, but can jump around a bit. The venue has a great open design with private, lined booths lined with wooden banisters and is large enough that it is never too uncomfortably crowded.

Bottles range from $225-$525 and $800-$2,000 for higher end bottles.

Business casual
No sneakers, runners, or athletic shoes of any kind

NoKturnal Knowledge

With no stamp re-entry, once you leave you’re out. Cover charge is $10 and if you want to avoid a long wait we recommend getting here by 11:30pm.

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Fifth Social