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Great for those in the younger crowd just starting in on the Toronto nightlife scene, Fiction is frequented by young college students and is often used for prom after parties. Inexpensive and fun, but really best for those still in college.


Fiction usually plays a mix of Top 40 hits, EDM, Latin, and Hip-Hop / Rap, but again the mixes at Fiction are not it’s strong point.

Bottle prices typically range from $170 – $220 on average for mid range liquor bottles, higher end bottles are available which will cost upwards of $450+ a bottle. Minimums for booths range from $350 for a small booth all the way up to $700 for a large booth in the main room.

Casual dress without major restrictions
Semi-formal dress is appropriate if preferred

NoKturnal Knowledge

Cover charge is typically $20, while ladies can get free entry to the club before 11:30PM with guestlist. Lines start to form around 10:45pm so be sure to plan ahead if you don’t want to wait.

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