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Encore Beach Club and Surrender Nightclub entertainment complex have created an upscale special event venue, for both day and night. They’ve successfully redefined corporate entertainment in Las Vegas, making their venue the new standard.


Upscale club beautifully decorated, the best edm djs often play here.
To get a better idea of the music for that day check to see who is headlining that day.

Average drink is $20
Cheapest bottle of Vodka is 700+

Dress to impress

The following items are prohibited:

Jeans/Pants • Torn or Cut-off Clothing • Offensive prints or designs on clothing or accessories

No risqué or indecent swimwear or clothing is permitted.

Management reserves all rights to determine appropriate attire.

NoKturnal Knowledge

The difference in Vegas between EBC at night and EBC is all pool clubs open for a “preseason.” This means the pool is too cold, but they still want to stay open before the “grand openings.”

Encore Beach Club, known also as EBC’s night experience is truly one of a kind. They have tables inside to gamble in, the club is beautifully decorated and some of the best DJs are performing. Many get confused about preseason and show up in their bathing suits. You won’t get turned away, but you may feel out of place so make sure you know beforehand if it’s EBC at night or EBC pool party time.

The grand opening arrives in May and it goes all the way off the charts. This is when the pool is open and Encore Beach Club becomes a night swim experience. You’ll be able to party hard and get in the water. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind experience.

One notable thing is Encore Beach Club at Night and Night Swim is the table prices. Bottle service minimums are much lower before the grand opening during the “at night” version. Do with that what you will.

Best way to get in is buy tickets ahead of time prices tend to really go up at the door.

How Much Is Table Service?

Cheapest table is around $1000+

Where Is The Best table?

Lower level Bungalow is the best table it comes with its own private pool.

Bottle Menu

bottle Service Map

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Cheapest table is around $1000+

Upcoming Events

Locations & Hours

11am-6pm| 10:30pm-4am

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