chill bar

The elite and diamond standard for Hip-Hop clubs on King Street, and with that diamond standard there is a level of exclusivity that comes with it. While it may be hard to get in, your chances of having one of the greatest nights in Toronto go up once you are through those doors.

Tend to start off the night with lounge house mixes that gradually progress to Hip Hop, Trap, Top 40. EFS is also known to play local upcoming talent in the area.

Bottle service ranging from $230-2,400

Business casual
No tees with graphic print
No sneakers, runners, or athletic shoes of any kind

NoKturnal Knowledge

Nokturnal knowledge [tips on navigating the club, do’s and don’ts, what is or is not available]:

This is the kind of club where you want to be on the guestlist, just for the sake of having a chance to get in. This is not for your spontaneous night out, but rather something that needs to be planned. Cover charge is $20 (ladies are free before 11pm), with coat check ranging from $4-6. The chances of you getting in ahead of everyone else is going to go up if you secure yourself a table (even higher if you slip the bouncer a $100).

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